Mobile Advertising

Turn your vehicles into mobile billboards helping you to expand the reach, frequency, and impact of your advertising campaign, so that you can grow your business, no matter how big...or how small!

Vehicle Wraps have the power to reach, the power to impress, and the power to target! A recent survey showed that vehicle wraps had a 97% recall rate, creating a positive image of the advertiser. Vehicle graphics are available as Full Wraps, 3/4 Wraps, 1/2 Wraps, 1/4 Wraps, and window graphics.

Cost Effective

Compared to other advertising mediums, vehicle graphics are significantly less expensive and provide greater targeted reach!


Wraps have the ability to draw attention and create a lasting impression.


The highly durable vinyl can be changed easily or removed without harm to the vehicle's paint.


Turn an existing fleet expense into an advertising venue!


Provides constant "always on" advertising - unlike broadcast media, direct mail, or yellow pages.
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